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These true stories about sex and drugs chronicle some guys’ lust for sex and these gals’ love of drugs. So these are modern love stories.


These girls cry. We can only lament their tragedies.

These girls die. We can only deliver their eulogies.

01– MARIE  A Shadowy Figure Afoot

Flashes “The Look"

Why would you want to pick up a streetwalker just to talk to her?

To ask her to tell the story of her life. So Marie relates her woes as a drug addict and sex worker, and then she thanks you for caring.

You ask, "What makes you think I care?" So Marie answers.

bank robber Heather Brown

13– HEATHER   The Seriously                       Serial Bank Robber
Bank robber Heather Brown was on parole for bank robbery in 2009 when she robbed 6 banks in 6 days. On parole again in 2024, she robbed 2 banks in 2 days. 

3 photos of Heather Brown, click to enlarge  to 2000 pixels wide
2000 pixel photo of bank robber Heather Brown
2000 pixel photo of bank robber Heather Brown
bank robber Heather Brown

14– RENEE  A Connecticut Lawyer

                in Judge Arthur’s Court

A law school graduate, instead of a lawyer she became a coke dealer, streetwalker, and crack addict. Strangled by a john, her death remained unsolved to 13 years. Quote: "Don't romanticize my life. It's just suck dick, smoke crack."

page from Good Girls on Bad Drugs

20- LIZ Woman Who Runs with Werewolves 

Liz ripped off every john every chance she had. Then she served 13 unlucky years in prison as an accessory to two murders. Quote: "I'm sick of everything, of life, of drugs, of sex, of people. I want love. I want my mommy."

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