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Mark Mathew Braunstein

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New Mobility cover

(3MB PDF, be patient while it loads)


New Mobility - cover story in the July 2016 issue.


After my 20 years as a public advocate for medical marijuana, I asses the state of its law reform movement and how legalization has benefited all patients, even those who do not medicate with cannabis. 

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CT Mirror

Medical Marijuana in Connecticut Has Problems

(1.3MB PDF)


Connecticut Post  & New Haven Register & 4 other CT newspapers  

Opinion essay published February 8, 2021


Medical marijuana in CT has problems; Legalizing recreational cannabis can fix them.

Or view or download from the CT Post's own website at:


My Op-Ed was reprinted 3 weeks later on Feb 22, 2019, in an updated and slightly longer version with improved illustrations in the CT Mirror, an online newspaper at:

medical marijuana

Rx for POT - Is Medicinal Marijuana Coming of Age?  


(2MB PDF, be patient while it loads)


New Mobility - cover story in the April 2010 issue.


After serving for 13 years as Connecticut's poster child for medical marijuana, I graduated into a cover boy and centerfold pinup. While I did not write the article, I am profiled in it and I photographed and photoshopped the self-portrait and photo illustrations.

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A WALK on the WILD SIDE - Paraplegia & Marijuana

(370K PDF)


Treating Yourself: The Alternative Medicine Journal  -  Spring 2009 issue 


An autobiographical and social commentary chronicle of my 12 years of advocacy for an end to medicinal marijuana prohibition. Inset handheld-camera self-portrait photo (presently called a "selfie") taken August 2008. 

Full issue download at:

medical marijuana

MEDICAL MARIJUANA - Legal but Out of Reach   (830K PDF)


Hartford Courant Sunday Editorial section front page - June 24, 2012


My Commentary about Connecticut's new medicinal marijuana law, half of my full-length editorial later published in whole in Treating Yourself (see next article below). Two years later as of May 2014, though seven were licensed, no dispensary has yet opened. My prediction has rung true.

medical cannabis



Treating Yourself - Fall 2012 issue


Twice the length of my Hartford Courant article (above), this chronicles 15 years of failure, concluding with a law finally passed that two years later still has yet to provide legal access to licensed patients.

Web reprint at:

Related article at:

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Hartford Courant Sunday Editorial section front page - January 12, 1997


My 1997 (1997!) COMMENTARY come-out-of-the-(cultivation)-closet confession, in which I proved myself far ahead of the pack on medicinal marijuana. This garnered more media attention than all my other previous writings combined. 3MB PDF -- be patient while it loads!

medical marijuana

At long last, Connecticut Has a Medical Cannabis Program

(400K PDF)


Treating Yourself - Fall 2012 issue    (about me, but NOT written by me)


Mary Lou Smart's insightful chronicle of Connecticut's medical marijuana law in which she documents the back parlor politics of our so-called democracy. I am profiled and quoted here, and portrayed with a photo. 

Web reprint at:

medical marijuana



Treating Yourself - Summer 2010 issue


The Sixth National Clinical Conference on Cannabis Therapeutics: A Report on the 2010 Conference with photos, captions, and text by M.M.B.  A bi-annual conference attended this year by 28 physicians (MD's), 10 registered nurses (RN's), and among the other 280 people, dozens holding an array of PhD's.

Web reprint at:

green cross



(470K PDF)


Treating Yourself: The Alternative Medicine Journal  - 8 page feature article in the Fall 2008 issue 


Publisher's title is Getting High & Staying Healthy: How to Reduce the Health Risks of Smoking Marijuana, whereas I much prefer my title First-Aid for Marijuana Smokers

Czech translation web reprint at:


Wall Street Journal



2014 video

3 minute video by the

Wall Street Journal


accompanies a November 14, 2014 article in the

Wall Street Journal


read the WSJ article here 

unless access is money-walled, in which case you can access it by searching for the article, "In Connecticut, Medical-Pot Program Draws Mixed Reviews"


FIVE network TV news segments edited into a 14 minute video:

1) 2 min 30 sec -- NBC-TV news, Feb 6, 1997

2) 1 min 30 sec -- CBS-TV news, Feb 20, 1997

3) 4 min -- Marijuana Policy Project documentary

4) 3 min -- FOX-TV news, March 2006

5) 2 min -- NBC-TV news, March 2006


14 minutes long


Also, CBS-TV uploaded their video themselves at:
Medical marijuana testimony





This was my seventh such testimony in support of this seventh bill to legalize medicinal marijuana in the State of Connecticut. While it once again did NOT pass, the bill to decriminalize marijuana did pass this year!


4 minutes long

medical marijuana smoker

Article (about me, not by me)

Connecticut Magazine, April 2019

cover story about Cannabis in Connecticut,

in which I am profiled as an example of 1 of over 30,000 licensed patients in CT

(stated on the article for the illiterate, "3 minutes to read")

medical marijuana in CT
CT's MMJ program  (470K)
2023 directory of online resources
for Connecticut's Medical Marijuana Program
with some especially relevant to Southeastern CT
(links work best if you download the PDF to your desktop)
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